Monday, April 19, 2010

Xavier 5 months...and the teehing monster has possesed him

AHHHHHH, so I knew this day was coming soon. The teethin gmonster has possesed my child. I don't like it one bit. Poor little man is suffering. I found an all natural teething medication for babies and it works like a charm. It is called Camilia and you can find it in Canada at a Shoppers Drug Mart. I swear the teething fairy is helping me beat this demon that has taken over my child.

Anywho, Proffessor X is now 5 months old. I can not believe how time flies. The doctor says his size is off the carts for his age. At 4 months he weighed 18lbs 6 ounces....oh his 6 month check up I am afraid to hear how big he is Well I am so happy that he is healthy and getting so big given that at 4 weeks things were not looking so promising.

Soon the weather will be warm enough to take Xavier to his first circle. That will be Beltane and we will dance the maypole!!!! YAHHHH!!!!! I always act like I am from the 80's music video"Safety Dance". Tehehehhehe I love that I am a geek

He are some photos of my boy at 5 months old.....

Primo & Prima

Professor X and Mama

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