Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 Months Deep in Motherhood...Still Feels Surreal for Me

Booo for this week so far. Both my husband and I have ended up with sore throats. I hope that we will be better for this weekend as it is going to be mothers day. It will be my first official mothers day. It is going to be very weird for me since I never thought I would be celebrating mothers day at the age of 23. I know some mother celebrate at a much younger age. Even though Xavier is 6 months old I still can not get over that I am mother. Its still kinda a weird thing for me. When does that feeling of looking at your child and actually believe He is yours??? I mean I know He is mine but I still feel like wow He grow inside of me. Hmm I wonder if people who have been parents for many years have that feeling too???

He wouldn't stay on his back long enough for me to change his diaper

Anyways Xavier celebrated his first Earth day this year and for that day we planted a White Spruce. The kind people at Square One Mall in Mississauga where giving them away to promote for people to plant trees that are so desperately needed these days.All the money that people donated that day was given to the Credit Valley Conservation. It disgust me how much our town has changed. It used to be full of farmland and now its just one big huge development. They don't seem to think of the pros of keeping trees in our universe:

  1. Animals use them for homes
  2. They are beautiful
  3. Great for hiding in when being chased zombies( never know, just saying it could happen)
  4. They produce Oxygen for us...with them we will need to be using chambers to breathe with.
So given the points I have expressed WOULD think they would consider those facts. I know there are many more factors why we should keep tress but those are my reasons. So I leave you with a couple pictures of the past couple weeks...

Blessed Be, Junipur Zombie
Just because Sideways Trees are wayyy cooler than trees that go straight up duh!!!

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