Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Infant Spit Up Isn't Normal = Pyloric Stenosis

We all know that babies spit up from time to time. Sometimes when it is after every meal that could be signs of a more serious problem. I am writing this to make other parents aware of a condition called Pyloric Stenosis. My son Xavier had this and was treated for it when he was only 5 weeks old. I had a fairly normal pregnancy. Morning sickness is a's more like all day sickness!!! Anyways like I said I had a fairly normal pregnancy. I gave birth to my son November 10th 2009. I was 38 weeks pregnant and labour was induced. He came out very healthy despite the doctors telling me that he could have had more severe health issues due to me being epileptic and taking anti seizure medicine since I was 14. He was the perfect baby. Quiet, slept all the time. At 3 weeks old I started to notice that keeping his food in his was starting to become a challenge. When I took him for his 4 week check up with the doctor I asked about him spitting up all his food and if that was normal. He of course said everything was fine and try a soy based formula. I had to give my son formula after a couple days of being born since I ended up getting an infection and was unable to breastfeed which I was sad and happy about at the same time. Sad because that is what I wanted to do from the start and happy because breastfeeding hurts like a mofo!!!! Anyways going on...I am like a attentions span is!!! So with the doctor telling me everything is okay I thought "well he is a doctor and knows better". WRONG!!!!

The Friday of the same week Xavier had his 4 week check up I took him to the doctors. Even after the doctor telling em everything is okay, my mother spidey senses kicked in and I just knew something wasn't right. At the hospital they told me that he was fine. They didn't even do any scans or check to make sure nothing was wrong. Two days later things took a turn for the worst. He was looking very pale, darkness around his eyes, not keeping food in and crying constantly. At this point I was so scared for my baby. In the car on the way to the hospital I mention to my Husband that something is wrong. He is not fine and is really sick. When I got to the hospital for the second time in two days they looked at me weird for being back. I said to the nurse as politely as I could "Listen to me, He is not keeping his food down. I am not leaving until a doctor sees him again and does some scans on him". So They let me in to see the doctor. After waiting 12 hours at the hospital things were suddenly moving so fast. The doctor told me that I was right that he was not okay and needed to have surgery right away. They diagnosed him with a condition called Pyloric Stenosis.


Pyloric Stenosis is the narrowing of the Pylorus, the lower part of the stomach through which food and other stomach contents pass through to enter the small intestine. The Pylorus becomes so enlarged to the point food and other contents are prevented from emptying out of the stomach. The condition is fairly common and is more times more likely to occur in first born males.

We were rushed from the hospital we were at in Newmarket to Downtown Toronto within the hour to Sick Kids Hospital. The hospital we were at were not equipted enough to that surgery. A week later on December 18th 2009, Xavier had his surgery lapriscopicaly at the sweet age of 5 weeks old. My heart shattered into a million pieces watching him go through everything that he went through. I am so glad Sick Kids Hospital was great to us and made us as comfortable as possible while Xavier was staying there.

Sometimes when your doctor says your baby is okay, follow your instinct that sometimes it's not okay. It just goes to show Mothers really do know best!!!
This is of Xavier two Days after his Surgery. As you can see one of the bandages above his bellybutton

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