Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrating Xavier's First Easter...ZOMBIESTYLE!!!

This Easter I would have to say is by far the best one I have ever celebrated. Xavier was celebrating his first Easter!!! with unfortunately He couldn't have any chocolate because...well simply because he is a baby. He got a Skeleanimal Monkey from Andrew and I which he just rubbed all over his face. He also got a box of Mum Mums which are baby crackers for those who are not familiar with them. He gave me the funniest expression when he started sucking on them. I wish I had the camera out for that one!!! I ended making the whole dinner which consisted of Meatloaf and Salad. It was so filling and yummy. I am not just saying that since I had made it....or maybe I am!!!! This year was the first year I got the chance to spend it with everyone. Usually I only spend it with my Mom and Stepfather but this year was a doozy. Now that Xavier is in the picture, everyone wants to get the chance to see him. On Good Friday we went to my Father and Stepmothers house to have dinner. All her sisters were there with their husbands and kids. It was a nice feeling seeing everyone.

Onward with this babbling!!!! LOL. Xavier is now 5 months old. I need to tape open my eyes since he is growing so fast. I feel like just yesterday I gave birth to him minus the pain. The pain is something I have chosen to erase from my brain. he now laughs at us when we tickle him. It is just the most amazing feeling in the world to hear your child's laugh for the first time. Xavier also has this weird fascination with his feet. His father loves feet and I have a funny feeling that Xavier will too. 5 months old also means the teething stage has begun. Oh boy!!!! Just when I thought sleep and I could be friends again...WRONG!!!! So long my lovely friend....we shall meet again someday!!!! High hopes I have that is for sure.

I was talking with a girl I knew from elementary school and she was saying how some people are so rude to women who are having children so young. She is 20. My mother was 20 when she gave birth to me. It doesn't mean that you are any less irresponsible..it just sometimes means that you may have to try harder to support your child. In some cases you are not fully done with your education and could make it difficult to finish if you get lost and forget what you are working towards. Balancing everything can be easy if you let it. I understand where she is coming from with people being rude sometimes. I believe I may have mentioned in an earlier blog post that a lady had approached me about my baby..saying how cute he is. The words that flew out of her mouth next were shocking. She had the nerve to ask when I was going to grow into being a Mother. I found that so rude and got me fired up. I barked back at her asking "is it because I am young... Or is it because I was dressed different from others"(ie goth clothing, dark makeup)???? I also just said to her "the way I am dressed does not mean I am going to be a horrible mother". Some people need to rethink the fact that we are not from Leave it to Beaver...and not everyone looks the same.

Some people will never learn how to be nice. That is what I have convinced myself. A shame really...there are some people out there that seem like they are worth getting to know.

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