Thursday, April 1, 2010

Having Fun and Being a Mom can work!!!

My biggest thing I get told everyday is "you shouldn't be goin gout to concerts all the are a Mother now..act accordingly" WTF???? Act accordingly??? Why do I have to change just because I am Mother. Being a mother doesn't mean I have to shapeshift into another person. I can be who I am and be a Mother. There is no handbook on how you are supposed to be or act. Concerts are my favorite thing and I would never give that up just because people say I should. It's not my fault they want to become so domestic and loose themselves. You know when I was leaving to go to the concert my first thought was how can I bring him with me??? I know he is too young right now. Once he is bigger you bet I will be bringing him to every show I go to that is all ages. My goal is to integrate what Andrew and I love doing the most. Why not have a family night at a concert. Is that such a bad thing??? That is what some people try to make me feel. That I am doing such a horrible act going out to catch a gig. Atleast I am not out gambling or breaking the law. Balancing being a mom and myself is a tough thing to do when you come across people who want to make carbon copies of themselves. Screw that!!! I enjoy who I am and I am sure Xavier would not want me to be anyone less than who I am.

When I was younger I thought I would have to leave my life behind and step into motherhood when it came time for me to have a child.That is what I was told my whole life. As I got older I began to realize that I could keep everything that I have in my life AND be a Mom. It's really not that hard to take a minute and continue with who you were pre baby. Weather you have a high matinence aesthetics or an alternative lifesytle stay true to who you are. Never change because society says so. What works for them doesnt always work for you. Do what works for and stick with that.

Be a Mom and Keep It Metal\m/

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