Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Is My Family...and Would Not Change A Thing!!!

My family is the greatest. So multicultural!! I think we have the most mixed family I have seen. My husband is Ecuadorian and the most Handsome man I have ever met. I believe growing up in a family that is mixed race really made me want to spend my life with someone who was different from me. Our son Xavier really resembles my Husband. How lucky is my son to grow up in a family with lots of culture. I know with that he will grow up to respect every color humans come in.

My Husband grew up in a very Spanish family where he was told his whole life to marry a Spanish woman. He said that would never happen and made sure of it because I am a mixed myself just like my son.

My mother is of Irish decent hailing from Northern Ireland. My Father is French Indian. Our Indian side of our family is Iroquois. Let me tell you the Pow Wows are amazing and can not wait to take Xavier to experience one. My Father is married to a woman who is Vietnamese and has lived in Canada since she was 7 years old. Being with that side of the family is fun. Celebrating Chinese New Year is one of the funnest things I experience all year. Lots of great food!!! My Step father is purely French straight out of Quebec. It was great growing up for me being around 4 languages. So that's Vietnamese, French, English(of course) and last but not least Sign Language. Did I forget to mention that my step fathers parents are fully deaf??That's right...so don't whisper around me..I can read lips very well!!!

With having so many cultures in my family definitely comes with different values for each side. My parents are more of the open ones. The respect everything and do not judge others for being different as I learned that at a young age. I was 14 when I found myself practicing Wicca. My Husbands family is a little different. More conservative. I mean they came from a Country where things are different there. The woman does everything in Ecuador. NOT ME!!!! I am not like that for sure. I believe in equality. That Andrew and I should split everything. I'm his Wife..Not Slave!!! Anyways I still love his family deeply. They are the nicest family I have ever come into.

They are definitely very conservative. When I said that I could not wait for Xavier's hair to get longer so I could give him a Mohawk, Andrews mother gasped at the mere thought that her Grandson would have a hairstyle that is not "proper" in their eyes. Though according Andrew, his sister has paved the way for thing that are a little different. When also said that we would allow Xavier to watch Hellraiser they also contested to that saying that he needs to watch "nice things". Nice things mean kiddy shows all the time and shelter him for our lifestyle. With that, they are just going to have respect how Andrew and I would like to raise our Son.

Overall, I belong to a family that is different colors, different sizes, different ways of thinking. No matter how they raised us we will take everything they taught us and use some of things in shaping our Son. Biggest thing is respect. I respect everyone in my family even if they think different from me. Ordinary is boring!!! Maybe I am not the only one offbeat. Maybe they are offbeat in their own way....and am thankful for every last one of them!!!My family is the best!!! Mi familia es para siempre <3

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