Monday, March 29, 2010

My Husband the wonderful Father

My Husband is the greatest man in the world! He is such a fantastic Father. You know how they say a Mother starts loving a child from the moment they find out they are pregnant and a Father starts loving their child when they see their child at birth. Well Andrew started loving this child at the same moment as me. He is so loving and wants to spend every moment with him. My husband was raised in a family where the Mother was the primary caregiver. His father revealed to us that he has never changed a Diaper in his life. That has changed because of Andrew. He go this father to Chang Xavier's diaper. Was truly a funny thing to watch. Andrew is such a hands on Father. He has helped me from the moment I found out I was pregnant. He would give me massages a to make my back feel better. He helped and encouraged me when I was in labour..and was not scared to watch everything!!!! Like I said an amazing guy. I love him with all my heart!!!! I decided to praise him today in my blog just because he deserves it.

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