Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finally Some Relaxation

Today was great. Some relaxation time with the hubby. Went shopping...fed my addiction to shoes. I was a little sad to see that the wiccan shop at the Flea Market in Barrie has downsized. Kinda sucks! Besides that being a bit of a disappointment I had a great day non the less. Now I am sitting at home listening to my Husband play some music. He looks so handsome when he playing his instruments. He is definitely a

I was looking through the disc I finally received of pictures taken in the past and found some great photos from when my son was born back in November. I look hideous in the pictures but that's what being in labour for 10 hours does to you.

Yesterday I was sitting with Xavier on my bed and realized for a 4 month old, he has great taste in music. He seems to really like Fear Factory. Great...I was hoping he would love Metal just has much as his mommy and daddy. I can't wait for the days when he asks for concert tickets for his birthday. I will gladly buy them for long as I can go too. Anyways...I am off to make some dinner.

Until Next time,
Blessed be

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