Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hmmm, Mother. What is that??? Someone living in a predictable world with a child. Changing into that Mother that goes to the mall with other mothers walking for hours talking about how they need to loose the cellulite off their butt??? Is it someone who puts a fake smile on for the world and pretends they are perfect??? No mistakes??? WRONG...not in my world!!!! I am mother of one. I am the "strange" Mother. I go to metal concerts, dress in goth/rockabilly clothing, watch Horror movies with my common law husband and laugh at the people dying. Morbid I know but It truly makes me laugh. I am the mother that will dress up with my son and run around the yard pretending that I am an alien too. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. But my biggest trait about me that makes me different in my community, household, family is that I am a Practicing Wiccan.

The town I am from is different. Small, filled with Catholics and born again Christians. I am looked upon as the "devil worshipping Mother" or so I think that's what they are thinking. Choosing to raise my child with wiccan values and going against not raising him Catholic seems like an outrage you would think....but it is not. My family is great. They respect that I want to raise my son with Wiccan Values. Teach him to respect the earth we live in. Give thanks to Goddess and God for life. Let me tell you it is not is easy as wiccan mother....but that is okay with me.

I know when my son gets older he may not choose to be Wiccan and that is okay with me. In my religion I am told to respect others and their choices. My hope is that He will find something that makes sense to him and makes him happy in life. Even if it means he is not a Wiccan. I just hope that when he get older he will respect the values he was raised with and never forget what I have taught him.

Until next time,
Stay Metal \m/
Junipur Zombie

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