Friday, May 28, 2010

Not your average Belly Casting

When women are pregnant they sometimes like to make or do something to remind them of how you looked pregnant. I did the typical photo shoot but I really wanted something a little different. I know there a quiet a few women who do the belly casting. I did it and displayed it at my baby shower to show how creative I love being. I got some great feedback from doing the casting. My mothers best friend was asking me where I got the materials to do this. Just as I was talking about where I got the items to make this beautiful masterpiece of a pregnant belly this look of disappointment came over me. My best friend Jackie looked at me and was like "I know that are thinking its too bland right?". BINGO!!! Anyone who knows me plain white is not my cup of tea.
I got the brilliant idea of painting the belly casting with filigree (my fav), and make it something that I am sure not too many women have done. Just as I was looking through my pregnancy scrapbook I made, an idea bashed me over the head. I decided why not paint the ultrasound picture onto the belly part. I know brilliant right?? Well this isn't the first time I have painted things like this. I did a painting of an ultrasound for my best friend for a baby shower gift to her. Being experienced in painting the strange I went and painted it. It turned out better than I had imagined it!!!! I hope I have inspired other woman to be more creative with their casting they have done themselves. Go ahead and show off that belly...with a twist of course!!!

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